NYGBC: Dinesh D’Souza’s Death of a Nation “Documentary” Re-release

Dinesh D'souza prison mughsot criminal documentary death of a nation

Hello there dear listener,

In an attempt to help everyone get through in these difficult times of self-quarantine and isolation, we are bringing you some bonus content from the wayback machine. Our review of Dinesh D’Souza’s “documentary” Death of a Nation: Can we Save America a Second Time?

I can honestly say that in our three years this is my favorite episode we ever recorded. We were joined by Thomas Smith and Aaron Rabbi of Serious Inquiries Only, Opening Arguments, and Embrace the Void among other podcasts, who graciously volunteered to torture themselves by watching that piece of garbage. This “documentary” is a two hour ramble of trump sycophancy mixed with intentional misunderstanding of what the left is, what the left wants, who the left admires, and of course all culminating in Dinesh D’Souza losing an argument to neo-nazi Richard Spencer.

We hope this gives you a few more hours of smiles during this crisis, and we are working hard to put together more bonus content and will be upping our release schedule during the pandemic.

Thanks as always for listening, stay safe, and wash your hands!

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