NYGBC: Triggered Part 7

triggered trump jr trump Jr.

This week we are joined by Morgan Stringer, a fantastic guest and attorney who you may remember from her appearances on the show in the past. You can find more of her by following her on Twitter @MoString.

If you’re wondering what happened to chapter 7, it was released as a patreon exclusive. The only way to hear it is to become a patron at patreon.com/nygbc

She helped us break down Chapter 8 of Donald Trump Jr’s Triggered, “Back to School” otherwise an excuse for Donny to talk about how much he turns on the college co-eds (he is a trump after all).

ICYMI you can listen to this review from the very beginning with episode 1 of our review of triggered.

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Music: “Say You Will” by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com

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