Suck It Benedict

That’s right world. I finally got a blog/website/postingmachine, and there’s nothing Benedict can do to stop me. I look forward to the many texts he is sure to send me about “Kevin why are you posting my home address online” and “Kevin where did you get those pictures of me at the grocery store, we live in different states are you having someone follow me?” Well I hold the passwords and there’s really nothing he can do to stop me as long as I evade any attempts at service of process.

But welcome to the new Where we look forward to posting extra content about the show and things that we just aren’t able to get to, but are oh so eager to share. I will also try to use this site to provide links and sources for many of the topics we talk about on the podcast, provide a better way to search through our back catalog, and more ways to interact with the listeners. Thanks as always for joining us and enjoy the show!

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