NYGBC: Ladies First, The MAGA hat Romance Novel Part 1 With Morgan Stringer

Ladies First Liberty Adams MAGA Romance

This Week, we take a walk on the wild side, stray from the beaten path, and disappoint our ancestors by taking a dive into our first ever fiction book “Ladies First” book one of the MAGA hat romance series by “Liberty Adams.” This book tells the classic story of Boy Meets Girl, Boys stalks girl at a Trump rally, Boy Saves Girl from an antifa mob at said Trump rally, and Boy treats girl like absolute trash, while fantasizing about making her his trad-wife. We also get some deep research about the author of Ladies First, Liberty Adams, or Vicki Bendau of you’re nasty from our ace Romance correspondent.

We are joined in our suffering this week by Morgan Stringer who you can catch on the Opening Arguments Podcast, The Humans Holler at News Podcast, and on Twitter @MoString.

Make sure to catch the second episode in our review of Ladies First Here.

Thanks as always for listening and enjoy the show!

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