Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” Hires (and maybe fires) Ex-Infowars “Reporter” Savannah Hernandez

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Glenn Beck, former nemesis of propagandist Alex Jones when they were vying for the same audience of sovereign citizens, dangerously unhinged militia types and your average far-right weirdo, is now swapping spit with the red-faced shouter who has been found legally responsible for defaming the parents of massacred children at Sandy Hook. Although many of us in the know (and Alex Jones himself on several occasions) could tell you that Glenn has been in the business of laundering Jonesian conspiracy theories for years, he’s now gone an apparent step further in hiring one of Jones’ many cast-off problem children.

Savannah Hernandez, whose work appears to have been scrubbed from the InfoWars website as a site search of returns no results, wrote for InfoWars as recently as 2020 according to media figure tracking site In more recent times, despite the ocassional appearance on the Alex Jones show to promote anti-trans moral panic, Hernandez touts on her personal website that she is now the “lead producer” for “Slightly Offensive with Elijah Shaffer” a podcast nee youtube show on the Blaze Podcast Network. Mysteriously she does not list InfoWars among her list of previous employers, preferring to note that she worked for the InfoWars show, The War Room with Owen Shroyer, without mentioning InfoWars by name, perhaps as recognition of the destruction of credibility even acknowledging her past brings with it. Elijah Schaffer, a dime store Jack Posobiec wannabe without the cojones to make up a conspiracy about a pizza shop, has had Savannah on his program several times in the last month, with one video titled “Goodbye Sav” which purports to be her last episode on the program, only for her to return a few weeks later as a guest of course. This raises the question if she was just too incompetent for her good looks to make up for even on The Blaze, and if the outlet decided she had to go.

Ms. Hernandez was also recently featured in  a stub article on the Blaze Media website, and had her now-banned twitter account retweeted by the Blaze TV twitter. The post, a stub article trying to hype up a January 23, 2022 DC anti-mandate rally cites Hernandez as “Blaze TV’s Savannah Hernandez.” The reference provides little information about the particulars of Hernandez’ employment by Glenn Beck and Mark Levin’s propaganda network, but we can be sure she’s bringing the same quality to Blaze as she did to Infowars, which is to say perpetually clout chasing at the bottom of the barrel and “just asking questions” about to issues that already have very clear answers that are not in her political interest. Blaze also retweeted Hernandez on the day of the rally, who was at the time using an account that has now been banned for violations of Twitter policy. Hernandez told the Daily Wire that she believes it was the content of her posts that led to the ban, however the thinking types out there might imagine it was for using the account (associated with her podcast “Rapid Fire”) to evade her 2020 twitter ban.

Hernandez, whose reportage includes such articles as “Liberals Can’t Name one Obama Accomplishment,” “Students Admit Climate Change Indoctrination in Schools,” and “How Many Unarmed Black Americans Are Killed By Police” (spoiler alert, she doesn’t know) would seem to be right at home on The Blaze where the facts are made up and the points don’t matter. Unfortunately Savannah’s time may have been cut short, and she’s resigned to go back to shouting into the nothing that it the InfoWars audience, rather than doing the same at BlazeTV where she presumably would have at least had dental benefits.

Beck, the former GOP bad-boy of Fox News is no stranger to conspiracists or conspiracy theories himself. In 2010 he taped a three-day-long conspiracypalooza attacking the Right’s favorite boogeyman George Soros. The rather pathetic and embarrassing expose smeared a Soros with a mix of classical anti-Semitic propaganda, new world order conspiracy, and a little bit of smearing his holocaust survival story for good measure. While unconfirmed, the time frame between the special and Beck’s unceremonious departure from Fox suggest that the disgusting smear may have been too much for Fox’s serial sexual abuser executives to stomach. Whatever the reason for Beck’s firing, he’s certainly returned to his conspiracy roots, which have deep foundations in the rabid anticommunist conspiracists of the John Birch Society who both Beck and Alex Jones admire and promote.

Perhaps Jones losing all of his Sandy Hook lawsuits was too much for The Blaze to risk keeping someone of such a low caliber they would work for InfoWars in the first place, or perhaps Hernandez couldn’t hack it working as producer for a youtube show with a man who embodies the phrase “fart sound effect button” in human form. I wish all the best to Savannah, I’m sure she’ll manage to land on her feet, even if the slime reaches all the way up to her neck.

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