NYGBC: Ladies First, The MAGA hat Romance Novel Part 2 With Morgan Stringer

Ladies First Liberty Adams MAGA Romance

This time we took a trip down insane lane to finish off the second half of Ladies First, book one in the MAGA Hat Romance Series by Liberty Adams. That’s right, we took the time to read and review the horrific pile of misogyny this Arizona Aunt Lydia put together. This time we encounter a destroyed bathroom, an antifa mob set on destroying a recalcitrant blogger, gratuitous use of the word “trolley” and a woman wrongly choosing a man over a tattoo. Liberty Adams, A.K.A. Vicki Bendau takes us on a wild trip we could only expect to find in a book that includes two antifa attacks and a woman deciding not to get a tattoo. Don’t miss it, make sure to read this one if you’ve read literally everything else the library and internet have to offer.

Make sure to check out our special guest Morgan Stringer wherever you can, including the Humans Holler at News Podcast, her appearances over on the Opening Arguments podcast, and her twitter @MOstring.

If you missed the first part of our review of Ladies First you can find it here.

You can find the Amazon review of temporary hair dye here. 

Also make sure to check out “Liberty Adams” website for the MAGA Hat Romance Series where you can download book 2 “Almost A Family” entirely for free if you truly hate yourself.

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