NYGBC: Not the Episode Gotham Wants, But the Episode Gotham Needs

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This Week!
Benedict managed to find a way to ruin everything once again. Due to a scheduling issue (Benedict’s Fault) we had to do an emergency record on the day last week’s episode was released which means we were unable to stick to our planned schedule of recording the next episode of American Marxism for this week. Despite that, we managed to put together what I think is a fun episode. We listened to a number of clips this week, including from The John Birch Society, Lee Greenwood being interviewed by RSBN at CPAC, and of course we did some catch-up with multiple Mark Levin clips to see what our boy is up to right now.
We’ll be back to normal next week we hope.
Thanks as always for listening and we hope you enjoy the show!
Video and Audio from this Week’s Show:
Music: “Say You Will” by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com

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