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This Week we finally, at long last, without delay, and with all expedience, begin our long awaited, but much delayed episode on Ron Paul, and the beginning of our deep dive into the weird, wild, and wacky world of the far right fringe. While their position on the extreme right of any objective political spectrum may obscure it, these people have truly become the core of the modern conservative movement. From the sovereign citizen movement to violent extremist militias and even the relatively mundane ordinary wackadoo conspiracy theorist, Ron Paul is the favorite politician of everyone with a gun, a poor understanding of the constitution, and a confederate flag. We hope this episode reminds you that Ron Paul is not your friend.
With this episode we are beginning our dive into the world of the extreme right, a world where policy is driven by a drive towards the ever more extreme. In this world appeals to white supremacy is not a bridge too far, it is a means of building a coalition. Over the coming weeks and months we will be looking at the growth of the fringe, from the tax protester movement, the rabid-anticommunism of the middle 21st century right, and eventually the sovereign citizens, militia’s and variety of hate groups and conspiracists who today carry forward the mission, and have truly taken control of the American Right.
Thanks as always for joining us and enjoy the show.
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Episode Notes:
Marcus Epstein, White Supremacist founder of the Robert Taft Club has been profiled for his hate activities by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
You can find the book Bayou of Pigs by Stewart Bell Here, but if you’re good you would buy it from a locally owned bookstore near you which you can find at https://www.shoplocalbookstores.com/
Lyrics to the Aimee Mann Ron-Paul 2008 Theme Song “Ron Paul Anthem”

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