NYGBC: American Marxism Chapter 3 Part 2

Mark Levin Shameless Hack Propagandist Idiot

This week we finally return to our review of American Marxism by Mark Levin, a man we can only assume is still angry he was never given a pony to kill.

In this second half of chapter three we learn mostly how staggeringly and completely lazy Levin was in writing this book. In all absolute honesty, and with complete disclosure that I do not have the time to sit and count words, Levin appears to have filled this chapter (and probably the book) with more words that come from block quotes written by the people he hates than his own original writing. Sincerely, this book is a snarky quote-tweet of a 2000 word deeply researched and detailed article, in other words, the same thing as Levin’s Radio and TV shows. Because as we all know, when you don’t have the facts, scream that your enemies are commies.

We also saw Levin engage in some of the most blatant bullshitting of the book thus far (while we’re sure there is plenty more to come) in deliberately attempting to deceive his audience into believing that somewhat hacky scholarly work about “Millenialists” actually applies to “Millenials.” I can assure you the two terms have almost nothing to do with one another.

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Show Notes:

Video Clip: Sam Hoadley-Brill Clip of Levin’s Response to His Franklin School Error on YouTube

Salon Article covering Levin Wrongly calling the Franklin School the Frankfurt School

Jacobin Article Criticizing Levin’s Bad Writing and Intellectual Laziness

Piece of Shit Richard Landes explaining his “Pallywood” conspiracy – The Jerusalem Post

Jean Anyon’s Academic Article “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” Journal of Education, Vol 162, no. 1, Fall 1980. Available on the internet archive through this link.

Michael Hout Study on Occupational Status and Social Mobility, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Available through this link.

Opinion Piece on NBC News about social mobility by Evan Horowitz.

Economic Policy Institute Report on The Erosion of Private Sector Unions and Causes

Study on the political leanings of college professors by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons

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