NYGBC: A Brief History of Hate Part 1

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We begin our deep dive into the fetid waters of the fringe center of the republican party with the first episode proper of our “Lunatic Fringe” series. The thesis of this series which will take the coming months if not the majority of the year, is that there is little if any true daylight between the “far right” as we would term them. Part of getting to this point was a concerted strategy by leaders of the right to use hate as a weapon. In their callous disregard they selfishly and wantonly employed the politics of hate, not caring necessarily what the particular target of their followers was, it was enough for them that they hated in the correct direction, but using the appeal to hatred to inspire a mass of voters in a way that policy platforms and inspirational speech never could. It also brought into their fold a new coalition of hate, of types that a more respectable right wing in the pas might have pretended to abhor, but who now was so crucial they now have to be directly appealed to.


So to start we begin with a brief history of American hate, starting with the Ku Klux Klan in its several incarnations, the American Nazi movement, White supremacist media mogul Willis Carto, and Pioneer Publisher of holocaust denial, William Regnery II. By no means are these people inclusive of every hatemonger from the time period, nor do their stories cover the entirety of the spectrum that is American hate. For every open racist screaming at a young girl going to school accompanied by U.S. Marshalls, there are a dozen or more at home silently approving of the intent, if not the method.

We are excited for this new project we are undertaking here on the show, and its part of our personal commitment to always improving and trying to make a better show that provides more for all of our listeners.

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