NYGBC: American Marxism Chapter 4 Part 1

Mark Levin Shameless Hack Propagandist Idiot

This Week! We break down the first half of chapter 4 of Mark Levin’s book American Marxism, titled “Racism, Genderism, and Marxism. In this chapter, other than continuing his trend of block quoting people more intelligent and well thought than him and following it by screaming “communism” into the void. In this chapter he attempts, ad fails, to lead the reader through Critical Theory, a philosophical mode of thought developed by thinkers in the “Frankfurt School” or “Franklin School” if you’re Levin, to Critical Race Theory, which does not stem directly from Critical Theory as he suggests, and of course, to every other remotely left wing area of discourse that doesn’t slobber at the thought of America’s greatness.

This week Mark finally gets to talking about that evil communist menace, “CRT” otherwise known as everything, everywhere all at once. In Mark, and the rest of the right’s conception, CRT is both everything and nothing, present in all schools, colleges, government agencies and antifa super-soldier training camps. Levin also, of course falsely claims that Critical race theory seeks a violent Marxist revolution, fails to address any of the points made by CRT scholars, and resorts to petty name-calling. In other words, he’s at the top of his game.

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Show Notes:

“Repressive Tolerance” by Herbert Marcuse PDF

Op-Ed by Steve Klinsky and Wyatt Tee Walker in Real Clear Politics

Critical Race Theory is White History – The Nation by Kali Holloway

NAACP Legal Defense Fund FAQ on Critical Race Theory


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