NYGBC: This Episode Does not Consent to Contract: Tax Protesters and Sovereign Citizens

Sovereign Citizen License Plate

This Week! We take a look at a group responsible for hours upon hours of CourtTV programming if nothing else of value, Sovereign Citizens, as well as their progenitors, the tax protester movement. These groups emerge from a common core of anger at taxes and hatred of government. If you’ve heard of sovereign citizens its probably from sarcastic “gold fringe on the flag” jokes or mentions of admiralty law, but we hope that with this episode we can teach you a little more about one of the most dangerous ideologies of the right wing, in which the law is all made up and the underlying beliefs don’t really matter.

The tax protest movement has its roots in, well, taxes, with the earliest people to argue against the income tax being the contemporaries who were around at the time it was enacted. As their many failures added up, eventually tax protesters went to wilder and wilder ends in their attempt to avoid paying taxes, sometimes to ends so extreme that they ended up creating an entirely new conspiracy theory, sovereign citizenry, in hopes of holding on to those few extra dollars.

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