The South Will Step on Its Own D*ck Again: The Myth of the Lost Cause and the Neo-Confederates

Confederates Suck

This week we take a look at another persistent myth of American society the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy, which like “American Exceptionalism” “meritocracy” and the “protestant work ethic” remain strong cultural beliefs despite all evidence directly to the contrary. Indeed, this week we take a deep dive into one of the primary GOP platform positions, that of the glory of the south and the desperate struggler to maintain the mythical white supremacy so many of these people hearken back to.

To be clear, the U.S. Civil war was instigated and started because of slavery, and if you believe otherwise you are either an idiot or a white supremacist. The lost cause narrative, however, exists not only to lie about and cloud the reasons for the war, the treatment of slaves, and the reasons why the South lost the war, but also to re-write the ensuing hundred-plus years of racial segregation and terror aimed at African Americans. However, as anyone with a brain could tell you, “Heritage not Hate” doesn’t mean much when your heritage IS hate.

State's Rights Goose

This week we look at some of the arguments pushed by the peddlers of the lost cause, as well as some of the modern figures most closely associated with the movement, particularly the “League of the South” a white supremacist hate group founded in the 90s which exists for the purpose of accomplishing the secession of the Southern United states and the establishment of a white supremacist theocratic nation.

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