NYGBC: American Marxism Chapter 5 Part 1

Mark Levin Shameless Hack Propagandist Idiot

This week, we dive back into Mark Levin’s hasty copy/paste of a book “American Marxism” with the first half of chapter 5, “Climate Change Fanaticism.” In this chapter, or at least in the portion we read for this week’s episode, Mark completely ignores climate change, pollution, environmentalism, and anything having to do with the concept he’s supposed to be discussing in favor of whining about all attempts to preserve our natural environment being Marxism. As we learned from Glenn Beck recently, of course, all “green movements” are really watermelons, green on the outside, and not as refreshing as you expected?

For the majority of the chapter we read, Levin pretends that the environmentalist movement, climate activism, and of course, mainstream democratic discourse, can best be epitomized by the “de-growth movement” a fringe movement calling for a reduction of the global population along with according reductions in consumption and production. Mark fails to find any substantial movement actually pushing this idea, so when all else fails he goes back to his old standby, just claim that this fringe idea is actually widespread and pervasive. Of course, despite the fact that Mark block quotes an author acknowledging that the de-growth movement began in the 21st century, he also implies that large block quotes of Ayn Rand lying about the environmentalist movement of the 70s is her addressing this insignificant fringe movement he wants his readers to believe are the reason why they got a paper straw at Starbucks.

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