NYGBC: Conspiracy in the Time of Water Filters: Alex Jones and the Monetization of Paranoia

This Week we dive back into our lunatic fringe series about how the far right has become the center of the modern republican party with a look at the second great harbinger of American conspiracy theory, Alex Jones, and the era of the commercialization of conspiracy. Today we talk about Jones, and the man who arguably paved the way for the success of InfoWars, Bill Cooper. Without Bill, and Bill’s rather fortunately (for Alex) timed demise, the world may not know about chemicals in the water that turn the freaking frogs gay, or interdimensional alien-demon hybrids that want to make everyone merge with machines.

While laughing at Alex Jones may be fun, and often is, the obvious farce he puts on belies a darker side. The reality that Jones’ way of thinking, and many of his conspiracies has bled into mainstream right-wing culture, where it is possibly the dominant mode of thought for a significant portion of the United States population. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers of we ourselves have fallen prey to the allure of conspiracy theories as a convenient solution to issues that otherwise would be difficult to discern. Today we provide an overview of Alex Jones, the man, and the impact, discussing some of his many connections to other figures in the far-right politics that make up the current American right.

I also want to make sure this week to give a special shoutout to Dan Friesen and Jordan Holmes of the Knowledge Fight Podcast who are the true authorities on Alex Jones and the source through which I have learned the vast majority of everything I know about him. You can find them on Twitter @knowledge_fight or at their website at knowledgefight.com

Thanks as always for listening and enjoy the show!

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Show Links:

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Gofundme for Marcel Fontaine: https://www.gofundme.com/f/well-never-forget-you-funeral-service-marcel

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