NYGBC: American Marxism Chapter 6 Part 1

Mark Levin Shameless Hack Propagandist Idiot

This week we continue our review of “American Marxism” by Mark Levin, the platonic form of old man shouting communism at a tree. This time we read chapter 6 “Propaganda, Censorship, and Subversion” in which Mark desperately tries to present the same complaints the right has held for years about actual journalism in a way that appears to the uneducated reader as something other than the same old tired screeching.

In this chapter we got such gems as “Marx was a journalist, so… eh… you know” and people have always complained about the media, so I must be correct. Mark spends the portion of the chapter we read complaining of a lack of “neutrality” in media, while conflating that with “objectivity” since no reasonable observer could remain neutral in the face of the right’s absolute lunacy and attacks on the fabric of reality itself.

Thanks as always for listening and enjoy the show!

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Show Links:

This Week’s Mark Levin Clip – Media Matters: https://www.mediamatters.org/mark-levin/fox-news-host-mark-levin-attacks-judge-steve-bannon-case

Edward Bernays and the “Torches of Freedom” March – University of Ottowa: https://biblio.uottawa.ca/omeka2/jmccutcheon/exhibits/show/american-women-in-tobacco-adve/torches-of-freedom-campaign

Young America’s Foundation Fascist Reading List – https://www.yaf.org/yafpublications/books-every-conservative-should-read/

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