Lorem Christum: Christian Nationalism and the Never Ending Crusade

proud christian nationalist

This week we step back into the lunatic fringe for another ride down the slip and slide of fascism, taking a look at the topic we left off our first episode on fascism, Christian nationalism. On this week’s episode we discuss Christian nationalism as the most prevalent form of fascism in the US today. Make no mistake Christian Nationalism is Christian Fascism, there is no significant daylight between the two terms. If you haven’t already listened to our episode about fascism go back and check it out so you can be on the same page with us for this one.

In recent months, and certainly at an seemingly increasing pace in the last several weeks, figures of the republican party, from fringe to center have more and more openly embraced the term Christian Nationalist as a description of themselves. As this pattern continues many are worried that if the right is ever to regain power they will embrace the call to institute a theocratic state, and the best I can honestly say is that you genuinely should be worried about that.

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Episode Links:

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Additional Resources:

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