NYGBC: The Great Reset Chapter 2

Alex Jones Reset Conspiracy

This week, we return to our book review of Alex Jones’ “The Great Reset” a book so bad it sold tens of thousands of copies to republicans and two to us. We dive in to Chapter 2 “Developing the System of Control” which could easily be summarized as a D- 6th grade book report of the scary European man’s book nobody read. Through skillfully i9ntentional misinterpretations of block quotes he forgot to remove from the final draft lest the reader realize they don’t say what he claims, Alex’s ghostwriter managed to craft a story of globalists… saying technology could cause problems.

Between the poorly drawn inferences from forewords to books nobody read, Alex, in this incredibly important and world-shattering book which is destined to change the world, reminds us that billionaires are out of touch, and fascism is when you republican party. The insights never end, and somehow two chapters into this book he still hasn’t bothered to explain what “The Great Reset” is, here’s hoping for chapter 3.

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