Bundyville or Bust: The Second Wave of the Militia Movement

This week we try to distract ourselves from the impending doom of the fascist takeover of America about to occur after the midterm elections by finishing our mini-series on the militia movement in the United States. This time around we focused on happenings after 2008, when a second wave of militia activity definitely, absolutely, in no way or purpose had anything to do with the election of a black man, they promise.

The second wave of the militia movement, while being as wide and wild as the first centers around two key groups, the three percenters and the oath keepers, founded by Mike Vanderboegh and Elmer Stewart Rhodes respectively. As we’ve learned what’s old is always new again and like their “intellectual forebears” the second wave of the militia movement thrives on new world order conspiracies, sovereign citizen ideas and guns, guns, guns. This time around we talk about why this second militia movement formed, how it thrived, and

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Show Links:

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SPLC interview with the children of Elmer Stewart Rhodes – Southern Poverty Law Center: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2022/05/12/exclusive-oath-keepers-leader-stewart-rhodes-children-speak

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