Lunatic Fringe

NYGBC: There Are No Heroes: Ruby Ridge, Waco, And The Road to Oklahoma City

This Week, we begin a mini series within the Lunatic Fringe series on the militia movement in the united states by looking at three of the inciting incidents in the history of the militia movement’s history, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombing. Through to today individuals on the far right still claim The […]

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NYGBC: The Kids are Not Alright: Conservative Youth Culture on Campus

Photo: Left Coast Right Watch This week we continue the lunatic fringe series about how the far right became the moderate center of conservatism with an episode about the toxic sludge that is conservative youth culture. We explore this vapid pool of nuclear waste through the lens of three different groups, the traditional college […]

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concession embarassing

NYGBC: They Rise for the Purpose of Falling: Perennial Candidates and the Election Grift

This week, we take an official detour from the lunatic Fringe series to journey into the wild woods of grifter political candidates who make a living and a following off of hopeless campaigns for office to “take America back.” Those we are talking about today include Deanna Lorraine, a California based failure to launch who […]

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proud christian nationalist

Lorem Christum: Christian Nationalism and the Never Ending Crusade

This week we step back into the lunatic fringe for another ride down the slip and slide of fascism, taking a look at the topic we left off our first episode on fascism, Christian nationalism. On this week’s episode we discuss Christian nationalism as the most prevalent form of fascism in the US today. Make […]

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Smash Fascism

NYGBC: A New Fascism for a Neo Era

This week, we cover something that is probably long overdue for this show given the subject matter we deal with. We take a look primarily at the question of what is fascism? And how fascism plays out in our modern world. Make no mistake, while the number of actual nazis or phalangists walking around may […]

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NYGBC: Conspiracy in the Time of Water Filters: Alex Jones and the Monetization of Paranoia

This Week we dive back into our lunatic fringe series about how the far right has become the center of the modern republican party with a look at the second great harbinger of American conspiracy theory, Alex Jones, and the era of the commercialization of conspiracy. Today we talk about Jones, and the man who […]

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Poisoning The Well, The Conspiracy Right’s Deep Roots in Antisemitism

This week we return to our “Lunatic Fringe” series covering the core of the modern American Right, the hard right extremist base. This time we begin what will be at least a three-episode series covering conspiracy theories among the right. This week we focus on the “Classical” conspiracy theories of the pre-Alex Jones era. In […]

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Confederates Suck

The South Will Step on Its Own D*ck Again: The Myth of the Lost Cause and the Neo-Confederates

This week we take a look at another persistent myth of American society the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy, which like “American Exceptionalism” “meritocracy” and the “protestant work ethic” remain strong cultural beliefs despite all evidence directly to the contrary. Indeed, this week we take a deep dive into one of the primary GOP platform […]

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Sovereign Citizen License Plate

NYGBC: This Episode Does not Consent to Contract: Tax Protesters and Sovereign Citizens

This Week! We take a look at a group responsible for hours upon hours of CourtTV programming if nothing else of value, Sovereign Citizens, as well as their progenitors, the tax protester movement. These groups emerge from a common core of anger at taxes and hatred of government. If you’ve heard of sovereign citizens its […]

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Nazis Charlottesville American Hate

NYGBC: A Brief History of Hate Part 1

This week! We begin our deep dive into the fetid waters of the fringe center of the republican party with the first episode proper of our “Lunatic Fringe” series. The thesis of this series which will take the coming months if not the majority of the year, is that there is little if any true […]

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