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Alex Jones Reset Conspiracy

NYGBC: Author Intro Alex Jones

This Week we begin our review of “The Great Reset” by Alex Jones with our review of the man himself. This time around, because we covered the basics of Alex in our Lunatic Fringe episode on him, we spend more time looking at him in his own words, listening to clips of Alex throughout the […]

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NYGBC: Prager RoUlette Covid Edition

This Week! Kevin has Covid, which sort of threw everything out of whack so instead of the planned episode we decided to do a Prager U episode so you wouldn’t have to listen to me the entire time. This week we got clips from Dinesh D’Souza, Alex Jones, Prager U, and the John Birch Society. […]

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NYGBC: Conspiracy in the Time of Water Filters: Alex Jones and the Monetization of Paranoia

This Week we dive back into our lunatic fringe series about how the far right has become the center of the modern republican party with a look at the second great harbinger of American conspiracy theory, Alex Jones, and the era of the commercialization of conspiracy. Today we talk about Jones, and the man who […]

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