Charlie Kirk

NYGBC: The Kids are Not Alright: Conservative Youth Culture on Campus

Photo: Left Coast Right Watch This week we continue the lunatic fringe series about how the far right became the moderate center of conservatism with an episode about the toxic sludge that is conservative youth culture. We explore this vapid pool of nuclear waste through the lens of three different groups, the traditional college […]

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NYGBC: Prager RoUlette, Where in the World is Benedict Edition

This week, with Benedict on vacation once again we pull out the old low effort clip show format to fill some time and entertain your earballs. Of course given the time frame in which we are currently existing the right wing media-sphere is so completely controlled by one issue and one issue alone, the FBI […]

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proud christian nationalist

Lorem Christum: Christian Nationalism and the Never Ending Crusade

This week we step back into the lunatic fringe for another ride down the slip and slide of fascism, taking a look at the topic we left off our first episode on fascism, Christian nationalism. On this week’s episode we discuss Christian nationalism as the most prevalent form of fascism in the US today. Make […]

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