NYGBC: Prager RoUlette, Where in the World is Benedict Edition

This week, with Benedict on vacation once again we pull out the old low effort clip show format to fill some time and entertain your earballs. Of course given the time frame in which we are currently existing the right wing media-sphere is so completely controlled by one issue and one issue alone, the FBI […]

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Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” Hires (and maybe fires) Ex-Infowars “Reporter” Savannah Hernandez

Glenn Beck, former nemesis of propagandist Alex Jones when they were vying for the same audience of sovereign citizens, dangerously unhinged militia types and your average far-right weirdo, is now swapping spit with the red-faced shouter who has been found legally responsible for defaming the parents of massacred children at Sandy Hook. Although many of […]

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